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Havana, Cuba born brothers Rey and Cesar Gutierrez-Montecristo, and their partner Aaron Shea have much in common with JAXSIN Cigar Brands owner Bryan Jackson. A strong commitment to family, their mutual love for great Country and Rock music, and a deeply rooted affection for all things having to do with Premium Cigars.

Before Castro’s Communist Revolution Rey and Cesar’s Grandfather Don Nicolas Gutierrez, a prominent and successful business leader in the famous Cuban city of Bayamo, worked arduously at building his businesses in the Tobacco and Coffee industries. His farms grew and processed tobacco, and his coffee farms grew the best Arabica Coffee beans in the world at the foot of the mountains of La Sierra Maestra. These farming secrets he learned from his father, also a farmer, after his return from his service as an officer in the Cuban War of Independence.

Many years later Rey and Cesar’s father fled the island with his young family. Their grandfather’s lands having been confiscated. The young man’s dream of following in Don Nicola’s footsteps took a backseat to providing freedom and a new life for the family.

The brothers, in pursuit of their talents and inspired by their Spanish born Grand-Mother’s piano and violin skills followed a career in Music.

After years of honing their musical craft and deciding their direction,they met up with the very talented singer Aaron Shea in Nashville and formed a lasting friendship and very popular Country/Rock group. Seizing upon their success in that industry and never having forgotten their family’s legacy, they jumped at the opportunity offered by Mr. Jackson to create their own Private Label Cigar under the umbrella of the already established JAXSIN Cigars.

Their band, Saints of Havana, managed by “The King of Country” George Strait’s manager, Mr. Erv Woolsey, has become the perfect brand with which to return to their roots in the tobacco industry.

The three band members traveled to the Dominican Republic with Bryan Jackson in order to find the perfect blend of tobacco with which to re-create a brand reminiscent of Rey and Cesar’s Grandfather’s self rolled Cuban Cigars. The much awaited result is their Private Label’s first release, Saints of Havana-Caribe Select.

An all-Dominican mild to medium Cigar with Cuban seed and Conneticut wrapper. We invite Cigar smokers around the globe to enjoy this work of love, which begins the long awaited return to a time honored family tradition.

Saints of Havana Caribe Select Cigar

A very smooth and relaxing premium cigar hand rolled in the Dominican Republic with 100 percent Cuban Criollo Seed, Dominican Binder and a great tasting Ecuador-Connecticut Wrapper. This fine offering honors a work of love begun by Don Nicolas Gutierrez in his beloved Cuba over a Century ago, which is now reborn as a family tradition


Rey Montecristo came up with the name Saints of Havana to honor his birth city of Havana and it’s world famous Harbor. He also felt it would be a great description of his Country/Rock band established in Nashville TN. and a great way for the public to associate the brand with their Cuban Heritage.

In 1519, the town of San Cristobal De La Habana was founded. With the passing of the years the town grew into a City known today as Habana to Spanish speakers and as Havana in Dutch, English, and French.In 1592 King Phillip of Spain designated Havana the “Key to the New World” and set out to build fortresses To defend its harbors from pirate attack and to bless outgoing ships against Hurricanes. Three massive forts were built in Havana Harbor, then the most important port in the “New World” The forts were known as Saint Salvador de la Punta Castle, which guarded the West entrance to the bay. Saint Moro Three Kings Castle, which guarded the East entrance, and San Lazaro Castle,which guarded the Middle approach. These three forts were each adorned by a huge statue of each saint worked in wood and precious metals which offered an impressive and majestic view to all who visited the beautiful Island and to all who sought its sanctuary.